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"I have been going to YBD for several years. Yoga has taught me to be conscious of the connection between my mind and body. As a result of learning how to BREATHE, I have been able to slow down my everyday life. Christine makes YBD unique. She is aware of each student as an individual and knows each one's abilities, needs and physical limitations. There is no pressure to conform or to "perform". " - Marilyn

"For decades Iíve been interested in the teaching-learning process. Iíve studied it an s a teacher, administrator, counselor, troubleshooter, parent, observer; at primary, elementary, secondary, adult education and correctional levels. I can say Christine is a natural as a teacher. She questions assumptions, explores unknowns, crosses boundaries. As a teacher she is caring, provoking, ever growing. Iíve been her student for 13 years. With her I continue to learn. " - Bill

"I look forward to attending my weekly class so much. The Studio is located close to work. The class sizes are large enough for socializing but small enough for personal attention from Christine. Christine has taught me how to do yoga on and off the mat. She has also taught me how to breathe again. Christineís knowledge of yoga is extensive. Her classes are always more than just a physical experience. I have also received PHOENIX RISING YOGA THERAPYÖI feel so much better after a PRYT session. Its like a huge weight has been lifted from me. Christine is a wonderful therapist. I always feel much more relaxed after one of these sessions. " - Mary Ann

"I love it. Every class is different and after Christine asks, ďWhatís on Top?Ē To find out what we need that day; she adjusts her class and individualizes her lesson. You simply cannot find that kind of attention anywhere else. Christine is the best yoga teacher in WNY. I have taken classes at yoga institutes and studios and I always come back. She knows how to teach! One small adjustment and the pose works! She observes all of us and helps us at whatever level we are. Sheís joyful and kind. My bone density has gone up 13% since I started yoga with Christine. She is helpful to everyone, not just to me. I once did have a private session when I was the only student who came to class on a cold wintery day. I was ready to go home but Christine did the class just for me!!. Sheís amazingly generous and thoughtful. Christine is unique and absolutely essential to my yoga experience. She teaches breathing, poses and a way to think about life. I know she cares about her students. The studio is a friendly and accepting place. " - Bernadett retired teacher, church secretary

"Yoga by Design Studio is NOT your local gymís yoga. Christineís yoga classes are the real thing. Iíve been with Christine for eight years and am sixty-five years old. Yoga has taught me how to honor my body and through that, I am able to honor my mind and my spirit and my life. Christine is able to tailor yoga for my own body,mind and spirit and this lets me take what I learn in her classes into my life off the mat. I have a lot to be thankful to Christine. I count her as one of my blessings. " - Joanne

"I have been a student of Yoga By Design for 10 years. I find Christine to be an excellent teacher. One of her outstanding characteristics is her ability to become aware of her studentsí individual problems and to quietly address them without interrupting the movement of the class That is a good teacher. " - Joanne

"When I first showed up at Christineís classes, seven years ago, I glanced around constantly to compare flexibility and form. I canít remember the last time Iíve done that, and perhaps that is the greatest lesson Christine has taught me. To go inside, breathe, and be truthful to myself. Her gift for healing came home to me last year when I found myself diagnosed with a serious heart condition. She quietly showed me positions where my heart could rest, and calmed me with her calm. I brought all she taught me about breathing, relaxing, and trusting my body to the hospital. A year later I am fully healed and very grateful. This isnít just another yoga class, it is a practice. " - Victoria

"After practicing yoga for many years I fell away from it for over seven years. I can't give an exact reason. It was partly because I am not as young as I used to be and my body began to frustrate me. Then about two years ago I went to some yoga classes on the river and found Christine and Yoga by Design Studio. The studio and the members of the various classes are warm and accepting. Christine is very much in touch with her students and can accommodate varying aches and pains etc. when needed. I was very grateful to be able to practice right through two foot surgeries. The classes vary with the seasons as our bodies adjust to change. They are never boring or routine. I have learned to understand that yoga is not static. It is personal and it is dynamic. I can modify it to meet my changing mental and physical needs. There are enough classes to meet anyone's practice level and schedule. I have found a renewed commitment to yoga and to myself. In the course of my week I find I can give up many things before I will miss my class. I am learning to honor myself and my needs on any given day. This is an underlying principle Christine teaches in every class. As I integrate yoga and the philosophy of yoga into my everyday life, I find my world is becoming more serene, more peaceful and more beautiful. Thank you to Christine and her dedication " - Linda

"I LOVE Christine's Yoga By Design classes. I have been attending the classes for over 10 years and never would have continued for such a long period of time, if the classes were not beneficial. In fact for a number of years, I have registered for three classes a week. I started long ago so I would remain flexible but the classes provide so much more. They truly are Yoga on and off the mat. Not only are the postures beneficial but the breathing, relaxation, and a wonderful peaceful environment is such a blessing in this world. Thank you Christine for your yoga classes. I am so thankful for you!! " - Barbara

"Yoga is the "in" destination at this moment in time , however Christine has been instructing students with fresh techniques for over 2O years ... Her experience as a certified Kripalu instructor deepens her ability to individualize a format for each student. The newer or more mature students feel equally comfortable in this very warm embracing will change your life !!!! " - Dottie

"I have been Christine's student for almost 12 years. Through her guidance I continue to gain the essential tools for dealing with the "aches and pains" of life as well as being present to life's joys. I have learned to listen to my body and to turn down the chatter in my mind. She is truly a master teacher, always seeking new skills and insights to help her students maximize their quality of life. Her open heart will welcome you. Come and enjoy the experience for yourself. " - Linda Weygandt 8/11

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