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Class Descriptions
Himalayan Meditation Course 6 weeks on Zoom
Here is just a few of the states of wellbeing you can achieve through the practice of regular meditation.: Mental Clearness Emotional Calmness A Stable State of Being Who does not want any one of these states of wellbeing. Here is some of what you will receive in the course: Learn to sit comfortably, whether it is on a chair or propped up with pillows on the floor. Handouts to study and to refer to. Interaction with other students with experience. Question and answer time Weekly tutorial that will give you tools to use in your practice. 10 to 30 minutes of guided meditation, We will gradually build on the length of time.
Ease of Movement (EOM) 8 wk on Zoom
FOR EVERYONE...Gentle, relaxing, and improved flexibility. Combining the principles of movement therapy, yoga therapy with inspirations from the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. You will learn that even small, effortless movements can create enormous changes in the body. This class is suited for everyone but especially for people in any stage of recovery from injuries, joint replacement, surgeries, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, just to name a few. Come ready to lay on the floor or sit in a chair.
All Level Yoga 8 wk on Zoom
These classes are designed to challenge but also the instruction is detailed enough that anyone can participate. Whether you have years of experience or just a little, you will be encouraged to grow at your own pace. You will learn to build a new relationship of trust with your body and learn about the connection between the body and mind and feel the difference that that connection makes. Perhaps you are looking to loose weight and tone or are interested in learning to de-stress, find peace of mind or just feel better in your body. Yoga can bring all of the above and more into your life. If you have never done yoga or have not been physically active in awhile, ask about the private sessions on Zoom.
Level 2/3 Yoga 8 wk on Zoom
1 to 2 years of experience Level 2 Continuing students will build on the foundations of Level 1 and begin to hold the postures longer and actually use the postures as warm-ups. As you become more familiar with the poses we will move deeper with more advanced breathing practices. Meditation in Motion is a trademark of this hatha yoga called Kripalu. Your ability to focus and move inward will develop as you move from one pose to another. This focus will transfer off the mat and into your life.
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